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Moment of Truth

Modi's Claims

Your vote in 2014:

Brought fear among the corrupt.

Brought accountability among those who looted.

Ensured those who cheated the nation are on bail.

With your vote in 2019, they will head to the place where they really belong, where every looter and criminal should be"

I will not let anybody paw at the your money under my guard. It is my responsibility as the chowkidar to make sure that the nation's wealth is safe"

From 2014 to 2019, I took some people to the threshold of jails. But I need more time to take them inside. I need your blessings. In the coming time, I am going to be more strict with those who are looting the country"

You saw the previous governments of Congress and other parties. You have also seen five years of this chowkidar. There are many programmes that I have taken up and are in progress. From Swachh Bharat, basic needs of people to testing of anti-satellite missile. This government has done it. We have done wonders. I could run a decisive government!"

In 2022, the country will complete 75 years of Independence. There will be no family in 2022 that will not have its own pucca house. It is my dream that the income of farmers doubles by then. These are the things we have to stress on for entering the five trillion dollar economy club"

This country has seen governments that only made slogans, but for the first time, they are seeing a decisive government that knows how to demonstrate its resolve. Our vision is of a new India that will be in tune with its glorious past"

Rahul's Promises

Final assault on poverty has begun. We will wipe out poverty from the country. I promise there will be justice for the poor. The Congress guarantees that 20% families belonging to the poorest of the poor category will be given `72,000 each annually"


Want to start a new business? Want to create jobs for India?

Here's our plan for you:

1) ZERO permissions for the first 3 years of any new business. 2) Goodbye Angel Tax. 3) Solid incentives & tax credits based on how many jobs you create. 4) Easy Bank Credit"

Today, there are 22 Lakh job vacancies in the Government. We will have these vacancies filled by March 31, 2020. Devolution of funds from the Centre to each State for healthcare, education etc., will be linked to these vacant positions being filled"

We have decided to dramatically increase the amount of money we spend on education. After coming to power, we will spend 6% of GDP on education. We will make sure all our people have access to top quality education. Those who cannot afford education will get a scholarship"

India needs to: 1. Repair & Restore our water bodies. 2. Regenerate & Afforest wasteland & degraded land. We will employ lakhs of rural youth in our gram sabhas to improve the environment and we will do it if voted to power"

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