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Sufism and then some

Dhritabrata Bhattacharjya Tato’s book Sufism: It’s Spirit and Essence by Har-Anand Publishers Pvt. Ltd that was launched in the Capital on 16 November talks about the present state of Sufis around the world. According to the author Sufis are persecuted and assassinated in today’s world.

Sufism captures the ethos similar to Bhakti movement and it imbibes a liberal approach to life unlike many other spiritual paths. India is known for religious fervour. It has produced Sufi saints and poets, as well it has attracted many Sufis from Iran and central Asia. The city of Delhi itself is crisscrossed with the tomb of many Sufi saints.

Most of the books on Sufism tends to make it appear as a past phenomenon. As if all issues pertaining to Sufism has been well resolved and now all section welcome them with doors wide open.
Dhritabrata formally studied Sufism as a cultural vector during his days at the Sorbonne University, Paris. It not only gave him a sound sociological understanding of the subject, but he has also reviewed the existing literature on the subject in many languages. This particular book gives you an over-all understanding of Sufism.
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