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‘Sufi music can never be commercialised’

‘Sufi music can never be commercialised’
How did music come calling to you?
Music is not a mere profession to us, it is a legacy we are carrying which has been blessed to us by our ancestors.

Have qawali and sufi music got their due in the music circuit?
Qawali and sufi music has its own place in the music circuit. Sufi and qawali are not commercial rather they are integral to our tradition.

Are you open to Bollywood offers after Rockstar?
After the success of music of Rockstar we got a brilliant response from the audience and critics. Yes we are open to work on more Bollywood assignments, infact we are working on few things, will soon announce when something positive develops.

What does music mean to you?
Music to us is our passion and obligation to do justice everytime we perform. As our ancestors has earned respect on the basis of this only, so its our responsibility to take it further.

Do you follow any other Indian or foreign musicians. If yes, what do you like in them?

We do not to name of any artist but we really follow sufi songs, shayari and chants of Amir Khusro.

Have you thought about coming out with your own label or album?
Currently we are planning something, but is it has a long way to go.

Would you ever like to experiment with your genre of music or try fusion?

It’s great to be a versatile and we respect all the genres of music be it fusion or some other. But right now we are not planning to experiment with our genre.

How has the journey been for all these years?
Our journey, right from the start, was tough. Firstly to maintain the name of our ancestors was a big challenge for us. The love and admiration we got from the audience just cannot be expressed in words.

How does the audience react to your music on international shores. Do they accept it well?
It really makes us proud that people in other countries love sufi music and its amazing to see their attendance at the concerts. Sometimes it happens that they don’t understand the music and lyrics completely, but is really great to see their admiration towards us.
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