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Sufi all the way!

Sufi all the way!
Most people are aware of the kakori kebabs but they are not aware of the tremendous Sufi traditions and the Sufi silsila associated with Kakori sharif, the sufi shrine. So the Sufi Kathak Foundation will be presenting a program dedicated to Sufi Saint Shah Turab Ali Qalandar, of the shrine Hazrat Takiya Kakori Sharif, popularly known as Kakori Sharif situated in Kakori, Lucknow. The relevance of the shrine being the extensive poetry dedicated to Krishna and traditions which are followed even today. The event will be held at the capita's IIC Lawns, on 7 November.

The main features of the program will be Sufi Kathak by Manjari Chaturvedi to live Sufi Music, proposed to be performed by Khanqahi Qawwals, Janaab Noorul Hasan and Janaab Shabeeh Ahmed from the shrine of Kakori, Lucknow.

The concert is a part of the 22 Khwaja Project a long term initiative taken by Sufi Kathak Foundation, to create awareness about the lives and messages of Sufi Saints and to preserve, promote and create awareness for the traditional Sufi music and dance.

Started in 2010, 22 Khwaja Project is a long term initiative conceptualized by Manjari Chaturvedi, to create awareness about the mostly unknown 22 Sufi Shrines located in Delhi and around, taking the city dwellers through the lives and messages of the many Sufi Saints who had made this city their abode.

Such annual concerts promote traditional Sufi music and dance through unique artist collaborations.

The project also revives the works of erstwhile lesser known but exemplary Sufi poets of Awadh/ Uttar Pradesh who had extensively written under the influence of Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb.

This initiative brings to foreground the Sufi poets who have written in-depth poetry that is sung till today at the various shrines, however the public at large is unaware of the lives of these marvelous poets. Till date Foundation has organized three Concerts dedicated to the various Sufi Saints of Delhi and Awadh these are, Chiragh-e-dilli, Mehboob-e-illahi, Hazrat Bedam Shah Warsi- A Tribute.

A visionary in performing arts, Chaturvedi is a pioneer of her dance Sufi Kathak. She is a leading exponent of the Indian classical dance and is only performing artist of Sufi Kathak.

Where:   IIC Lawn
When: 7 November
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