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Sufal Bangla: Now, vegetables to be delivered at your door

 In a unique step to help people buy fresh vegetables without visiting the market, the state Agricultural Marketing department is all set to introduce home delivery of green vegetables through its Sufal Bangla project.

The shop of Sufal Bangla at New Alipore will be inaugurated on July 19 and on the same day, a phone number will be announced. A person just need to dial in that number and order vegetables worth at least Rs 500 to get it delivered free to his or her home.

The New Alipore counter of state Agriculture Marketing department is the first one to make the home delivery service available. Once the project becomes successful in new Alipore area, the same will be implemented in other parts of the city as well.

 According to some officials of the department, there is no question of failure of the project. The reason being that it is a quite posh area and many residents there can go to market only once a week which is on Sunday. Thus they need to cook vegetables after keeping it in refrigerator for quite a number of days.

But with the introduction of the home delivery service, they can place order after two to three days. When asked that what if a family didn’t need to buy vegetables worth Rs 500 just for two to three days, the official replied that in such cases, occupants of two or three adjacent flats can place the order together. 

“The most advantageous part of the project is that they do not need to go to market to buy vegetables amidst their busy schedule,” the official said, adding that they will be getting the vegetables at a much cheaper price than the market as the state government buys the products straight from farmers.

Before placing an order for home delivery, a person can easily check prices of vegetables, even of its varieties, at the website of the Sufal Bangla. One just needs to click on the “daily price list” button in the website.

Though at present only the residents of New Alipore area can avail the service, the department has plans of implementing the same in other parts of the city and sub-urban areas in the state as well.
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