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Sudden generosity

Kashmir has not been known to be the most peaceful area in India, or Pakistan for that matter. However, Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Jammu and Kashmir has taken things from bad to worse. Kashmir has been known to have a very chaotic past over issues of border, identity, rights, terrorism, and, of course, the AFSPA. The recent visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was followed by added chaos, open fire, and tear gas in order to clear the protesters and the mob that looked extremely aggressive. Such aggression has been between India and Pakistan for over the last 60 years post-Independence in all over Kashmir.

Modi during his visit, carefully avoided talking about the political intolerance that has lingered on in the region after the last elections. Instead, Prime Minister Modi emphasised on the 12 billion dollar aid that would probably, in his words, change “the fate of Kashmir”. Modi concentrated on convincing people that he wants a fresh Kashmir, a new Kashmir where there would be peace and everybody would be attended to. He spoke about his dream of having a chaos-free Kashmir.

Though the Prime Minister had some promising words, extremists and political leaders said that Modi’s argument is baseless as political problems can never be resolved with economic solutions. They further added that Modi is unaware of the situation of deprivation within the state and that he should have had a decent research about the people of Kashmir in order to make any claims, that he eventually did in his speech. All said and done, Modi’s visit isn’t the best one witnessed so far and it is just adding to the miseries that the  Government is going through, especially now after the debacle in Bihar Elections.  
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