Millennium Post

Looking West

29 Nov 2019 4:30 PM GMT
Free Trade Agreement with America will augur well for the Indian economy

Shifting gears

22 Nov 2019 3:37 PM GMT
Boosting domestic investment, especially in the MSME sector, will give impetus to the dormant ‘Make in India’ sentiment – counterbalancing India’s...

Waiting in the wings

3 Nov 2019 3:30 PM GMT
Trade opportunities galore for India following Britain’s exit from EU

Getting comfortable

17 Oct 2019 4:29 PM GMT
With China keen on enhancing economic ties, the informal summit has boosted an apprehensive India’s chances of joining RCEP

Redrawing FDI schematics

5 Sep 2019 4:22 PM GMT
Policy changes made by India to attract FDI seem paltry against China’s new foreign investment law, urging for an earnest overhaul

Taking the opportunity

1 Aug 2019 4:19 PM GMT
US-China trade war has the potential to mark a positive shift in the Sino-Indian trade relations–boosting Chinese investment in India

A propitious bargain

18 July 2019 5:59 PM GMT
Having USA as the biggest trading partner augurs well for Indian economy

Drawing a truce

2 July 2019 3:02 PM GMT
Indo-US dialogue at sidelines of the G20 summit in Osaka set the stage for a compromise

High Stakes

31 May 2019 3:24 PM GMT
Singapore is now the largest foreign direct investor in India and trends suggest it will remain so in the years to come

Tariff conundrum

17 May 2019 3:33 PM GMT
Progressing towards a new manufacturing dynamism following digitisation and automation, Free Trade Agreement with the US will augur well for Indian...

Enduring Iran's absence

8 May 2019 4:51 PM GMT
Given fluctuations in price, India quivers less against major economic parameters of the country citing insulation to Iranian oil sanction

Debt burden and BRI

26 April 2019 4:37 PM GMT
As the rising debt burden on weaker nations forces changes in BRI, India must reinvigorate relations with China
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