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Subodh Sarkar to become chairman of Kabita Academy

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Subodh Sarkar to become chairman of Kabita Academy

Poet Subodh Sarkar will be the chairman of Kabita Academy, a cultural centre to bring the poets under one umbrella. The institution will be the first of its kind in the country.

The idea was initiated by Mamata Banerjee who wants that poets from different parts of the state to meet and interact for healthy cultural development. Sarkar who was a staunch supporter of the Left Front had joined Trinamool Congress camp a few months ago and is now seen in many meetings organised by TMC.

He was also present at the swearing in ceremony. Sarkar and his wife Mallika Sengupta who died a few years ago were very close to the former chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee. Sarkar is very clear about supporting TMC. As the pro people development of Mamata banerjee has helped lakhs of people in the state, Sarkar said that it had taken the form of a people’s movement.

It may be recalled that the venture will help talented poets who are economically challenged. Through the academy, budding poets who do not get any forum will get a platform. 

As Mamata Banerjee is committed to the development of youth, such an academy will help them to grow. The academy will also serve as a platform for several elocutionists. It may be recalled that the Chief Minister has taken special measures to develop the folk culture in West Bengal.  The baul academy has been set up where research on baul philosophy will be carried out. 

The folk artists, many of whom had faced economic hardships and often had worked as agriculture labour are getting monthly stipends from the government.

The mask artisans are also being given financial support and steps are been taken to sell their products. Banerjee in her speeches had often said Bengal would be given back its lost glory.



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