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Subhendu Adhikary will contest from Nandigram, says Mamata

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Subhendu Adhikary will contest from Nandigram, says Mamata

Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP from Tamluk Subhendu Adhikary will contest from Nandigram in the 2016 Assembly elections, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced here on Monday. “We need a good minister and somebody else will contest  from Tamluk  for the MP’s post,” she said.

While addressing in Nandigram, she said that she would never forget their fight against the Left regime. “I can forget my name but I cannot forget the role played by the people of Nandigram and Singur.” It may be recalled that the Left Front government was ousted from power in the 2011 Assembly elections after several people were gunned down in Nandigram and the land was forcefully acquired by the Tata.

Subhendu Adhikari emerged as a leader after the Nandigram incident in 2007. He led the farmers against the CPI(M), which later turned into a  major movement that ultimately brought Trinamool Congress to power. After Mamata Banerjee, he was the most popular mass leader and because of the initiatives taken by him, Trinamool Congress was able to organise its force in both East and West Midnapore. 

Adhikari was not only actively in politics before the Nandigram incident, he was also the chairman of Contai Cooperative Bank. He was made TMC Youth Congress president. He is now involved in organising party workers in Malda and Murshidabad, which are believed to be the stronghold of the Congress. In both the districts, Trinamool has increased its organisational strength and the trend shows that the party would do well  in 2016 Assembly polls  from the these two districts.

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