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Students ransack school, assault headmaster for stopping exam

Students ransacked a school in Jalpaiguri and drove the headmaster away from the building on Monday morning. The headmaster allegedly stopped the examination on the day of bandh called by Left Front.

The infuriated students, after knowing that the examination was called off by their headmaster, went on rampaging inside the school. Later they were stopped by their guardians.

The headmaster, Sandip Gun, however, stated that he had no other alternatives, but to reschedule the Bengali examination on December 6. “I was informed late on Sunday. Thus, I put up the notice on the gate of the school early on Monday. 

I could not inform the students and my fellow teachers earlier,” said the head master.
However, the general secretary of district Trinamool youth congress, Ajoy 
Saha, alleged that the headmaster of Jalpaiguri School is CPI (M) supporter. 

He intentionally called off the examination. But the students should not have driven their headmaster away from the school and broken the school property.

Meanwhile, the president of the administrative council of the school, Amit Saha, expressed his concern over the situation. ‘I did not receive any missive from the school that the examination was called off,” he said.

However, bandh called up by the Left Front was unable to disrupt the daily activities in Jalpaiguri. Most of the colleges and schools were opened on Monday. Jalpaiguri School was few among those schools where examination was not taken.

“I strictly condemn the act of students who were gone rampaging the school’s property. That was not a student-like act. They should be punished,” said a guardian who reached the school gate with his son.

The unruly students later left the school campus after the guardian, some of those were among senior citizens, requested them to stop behaving wild.
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