‘Strict action against those who betrayed party’

‘Strict action against those who betrayed party’
She was addressing a workers’ convention at the Netaji Indoor stadium on Saturday afternoon.
She said: “Those leaders and workers who had served the party will get all support from the party but those who had betrayed the party will not be spared and the party will not support them,” she said adding:” No one is above the party and the betrayers will be punished,” she said.

Banerjee said the party had lost at least 15 to 20 seats because of severe infighting. As a result, in North Dinajpur the party lost four seats. In Malda two ministers, Krishnendu Narayan Chowdhury and Sabitri Mitra lost because of backstabbing. The party had to pay a price in Bankura because of intra party squabbles. “I know everything and those who were involved in such nasty games will not be spared,” she maintained.

She said in the name of sting operation, people were trying to blackmail leaders and asked the leaders to be cautious against journalists. “Just as we have shops selling good items as well as shops selling bad items, there are good journalists and bad journalists.” She reiterated that Narada sting operation was the outcome of a bigger conspiracy. “I have ordered inquiry to find out who were behind the scene,” she remarked.

She urged the leaders to give up “ego” and work for the masses and advised them to keep their cell phones on from 10 am to 11 pm. “It is very unfortunate that some of the leaders do not pick up phone calls because they think they are too big. We have lost some seats because of the distance created by them with people.” She said the leaders from the MPs to the block levels should visit their areas and chalk out development plans. “When I travel by car, I see the conditions of the roads and the surroundings and this helps to make development plans,” she said.

She said there would be meeting on the first Saturday of every month where stock taking would take place. In every district and up to the block levels, women workers would be inducted in teams. The district leadership would hold meetings every month. She asked the leaders to gear up for the Panchayat election scheduled to be held in 2018. “Do not think that as election is two years from now we should take rest. No, we should start working now.”

She urged all leaders and workers to worship TMC’s party symbol, namely, grass and flowers everyday as this would remind them of their duties and responsibilities. “Follow my advice. TMC will remain in power for 50 years and we should spread our roots to the neighbouring states and even in Delhi so that people realise that Trinamool Congress works for them and stands by their side in times of need.”

She also asserted that her party had not taken “a single penny” from anyone in the Saradha chit fund scam and the Narada sting operation. “You did not call anyone on your own. Someone asked for an appointment and then they came to meet you. During that appointment you yourself kept the money on my table and took pictures. I didn’t ask for money, neither did I call you. Why did you come to my place,” she said.


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