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Stray animals a major problem in Ggn

Increase in number of stray animals is now proving to be a major form of inconvenience for citizens of Gurugram.

Most of the stray animals in the city include dogs, monkeys, cows and pigs.

The unchecked increase in number of stray animals is now also proving to be deadly in certain occasions for the citizens of Gurugram.

Recently, a 25-year-old youth died in the city after he fell from the terrace while trying to protect himself after 12 monkeys tried to attack him.

The rise in cases of aggressive dog fights and the susceptibility of contracting diseases further increases the risk.

Among the list of complaints to the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram, the issue of stray animals in the residential areas has the third largest number of complaints after garbage and street lighting issues.

Most of the residential welfare associations highlight that lack of coordination between MCG, NGOs and members of RWAs is resulting in stray animals and them not getting properly vaccinated and rehabilitated.

On its part, the MCG acknowledged that increase in number of stray animals is a problem and mentioned there are shortage of resources which they are facing in tackling the issue.

“Gurugram is divided into four zones. For all zones, we just have one rescue vehicle,” said a senior sanitation officer from the MCG.

“As there is a shortage of manpower in MCG, we often coordinate with the NGOs especially when it comes to the issue of vaccinating the dogs,” the official added.

The official further said that soon the MCG will form a team to capture the monkeys and release them in the Aravallis. R S Rathee, President Gurugaon Citizen’s Council said: “We can reduce the number of stray animals especially pigs to a great deal if we can ensure cleanliness.”

Rathee further added: “The increase in number of dogs is a complex issue. While most of the residents do not want any action against them out of affection, there are many who want them out because of the nuisance they create in the area.”
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