Story of an impressionable mind

Story of an impressionable mind
Taking forward Indian Tourism Development Corporation’s initiative to promote art and culture in the country, a theatre performance Anandita enthralled Delhites in the recently organised theatre evenings at The Ashok on 4 and 5 July. Produced by a Jodhpur based cultural organisation, Apurva, the play is a tragedy on modern times.

This full length Hindi play written by Dr. Kumar Rajiv runs in three acts with duration of two hours. It  focuses on human relationships where parents have no time for their children and in the process the children go astray with tragic consequences.  The play in its earlier performances in Jaipur and Jodhpur has been highly acclaimed by its distinguished audiences.

With a theme based upon the sub-conscious mind of human beings,the play is set in a house cum workshop of a goldsmith. The husband and wife go on fighting continuously which scars the present and quashes hopes for a future. Each battle is fought and won or lost before the eyes of the progeny.
Anandita, a young daughter of 18 years witnesses these fight and her childhood is scared forever. With no one to share her feelings, she becomes a loner. Her grandfather is also not much of a help as he has no control over the events. The ultimate pain is inflicted when her father gets involved in an extra marital relationship with one of his customers. 

Her mother hates her for reasons made explicit in the play and she has no one to turn to except her childhood friend. But he too is ready to leave for US for higher education after class 12. 
When the pain becomes unbearable, Anandita commits suicide. This is the tragedy of modern times where parents have no time to share and care. In the process the children go astray and the result of such life turns out to be disastrous. 
The director has made an effort to explore the sub conscious recesses of the minds of each character. There are six characters in all and everyone is unique in nature. 



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