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Storm-proof umbrella that could withstand 113 kph wind

Researchers have developed a new ‘storm-proof’ unflappable umbrella which they say can withstand storms as strong as blowing at 113 Kph. Unlike traditional umbrellas that turn inside out by gusts of only 20 Kph, this ‘cycle helmet’ style broll is unflappable on stormiest of days, thanks to the aerodynamic design which directs wind over and around, holding it in position.Tapered at the back, rather like a cyclist’s racing helmet, it is said to be able to withstand winds of up to 113 Kph, the Daily Mail reported. The asymmetrical Senz design is also easier to hold upright, helping its carriers appear unflappable on the stormiest of days. A Dutch study that carried the tests inside a wind tunnel found that people were unable to hold a normal umbrella in gale-force winds, however, they did not struggle with the Senz design. The arm muscles of the participants in the wind tunnel did a third less work when carrying the storm-proof brolly. The Senz umbrella, which is thought to be the only type of its kind, is a brainchild of a Dutch industrial engineering student, Gerwin Hoogendoorn, after running up the prototype on his grandmother’s sewing machine, he formed a company with two university friends and now sells the umbrellas globally, with a starting price of USD 33.


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