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Still the Reigning Queen…

In town to honour an endorsement deal, the ever green Hawa Hawai girl took time out to speak to Millennium Post, discussing movies, her daughters and how the industry has changed over the past fifteen years and what the future holds. Here are excerpts…

Coming back after fifteen years, how was it?

A lot has changed while I was busy taking care of my family. Film promotions for instance, have become such an important part of the movie itself. Fifteen years ago, there were just a handful of magazines that we would speak to, but now promotions are a whole new ball game; mediums like the radio and television have redefined promoting taking them to a new level altogether.

But on a personal level, I am very thankful for the love and affection that I have received from the audience. Many women walked up to me after watching English Vinglish and appreciated my work.

To me that has been the most satisfying part professionally.

How has the industry changed since last movie that you did?

Things have improved a lot in the past fifteen years and for the better. The industry has become more organised with several technicians and experts lending their expertise in aspects such as graphics and cinematography for instance.

Bollywood has definitely come a long way since my last movie in 1997.

Do you discuss your work with your daughters?

Yes very much, my daughters and I have a very close bond and we do sit as a family and discuss my work. It’s a way of bonding I guess.

Should we expect to see Jhanvi in the movies any time soon?

Jhanvi is too young at the moment and changes her mind almost every day, so it is really hard and too early to say if she would join films or not. As of now I would like my daughters to concentrate on their studies.

Are you keen on working with any of the new generation directors today?

I have really enjoyed movies such as Vicky Donor and Taare Zameen Par and am open to working with the new directors.

English Vinglish was a great example of women empowerment, is there anything you’d like to tell the women of today?

Today’s women are much bolder and have the risk taking capability that never existed before. God has made women extremely powerful especially with the ability to give birth to another human being.

It is the woman who has the power to shape up an entire society by providing a good upbringing to her family and children and every person should celebrate that power.

And when you we see you next on screen?

I am in the process of reading quite a few Bollywood scripts at the moment but haven’t finalised anything as yet.
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