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Steps being taken to revamp Kolkata Police Hospital

The rank and file of the city police will no more have to worry about getting referred to other hospitals for better treatment with steps being taken to give a new lease of life to the Kolkata Police Hospital.

The 300 bed hospital on more than 11 bigha land not only caters to 3,000 police personnel of the Kolkata Police and their families, but also, to those who work for the state police, fire and emergency services department. Border Security Force is also entitled to get treatment in the hospital.

Though the outpatient department of the hospital always remained functional, the main trouble was the shortage of doctors, nurses and attendants in the hospital. As a result, patients were referred to other hospitals despite having all necessary arrangements for surgery and specialist treatment.

In a bid to get rid of the trouble that the family members of the rank and file of the Kolkata Police were facing, the decision was taken to recruit doctors and nurses. Recently, the recruitment procedure was completed with the help of the state health department.

It is learnt that with the fresh recruitment, strength of the doctors in Kolkata Police Hospital went up to 28 and at present, there are 10 nurses.

The top brass of the city police found that it was not possible to run the 300-bed hospital with just 18 doctors and 11 nurses. Though, people working with the Kolkata Police have health insurance and under the scheme, they are entitled to get treated in a private hospital in the city and the smooth functioning of the Kolkata Police Hospital had become essential to provide better facilities to the people.

According to the sources, the specialist doctors have started inspection of the available infrastructure. Sources said that there were no surgeons in the hospital for a certain period of time after the surgeon, who was posted in the hospital, had retired. Thus, the newly recruited surgeons were also asked to make an assessment to propose the required infrastructural development to provide specialised treatment in the hospital.

Hundreds of people visit the outdoor ward everyday and at present, six doctors take care of patients in the outpatient department. It suggests that a considerable number of patients turn up to the hospital and immediate steps has to be taken for betterment of the same.

Sources said that it would take another few months to complete the entire process after the doctors place a report on their assessment on the minimum revamp needed in terms of infrastructure development.
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