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Stephen’s staff reject Thampu’s plan to amend constitution

Stephen’s staff reject Thampu’s plan to amend constitution
A staff association meeting by the teachers of the St Stephens College was held on Monday with the aim of sensitising the governing council about the views of the teachers on the contentious issue of amendment of the constitution which provides the Church of North India with greater powers towards functioning matters of the college.

“Despite examinations and practicals which are currently being held in the college, there was a healthy attendance of 26 teachers who came for the meet. Even the principal attended the meet for a short while” said Nandita Narain, president, St. Stephen’s college staff association.

Lashing out at the move to change the constitutional structure of the college, Narain said: “By this move, the rights of the teachers and academicians would be affected”. 

Explaining the structure, Narain said that earlier, among 18 members, half of the members comprised of academicians and teachers but now with this move it will be substantially reduced and weakened. He also added: “Where most of the colleges have 15-16 members, St Stephens had 18 members, because of the two additional members elected by the teachers. Now the present amendment wishes to remove this process, thus reducing the strength and the voice of the teachers.”

One of the teachers, requesting anonymity said that this move was draconian and if it gets passed it will affect the process of democratisation, as well as instill a sense of fear in the teachers by cutting their salaries. 

The St Stephen’s principal’s office stated that the governing council would be meeting on November 30 and the decision would be shared with the press.
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