Steaked right

 Jhinuk Sen |  2014-06-22 00:14:02.0  |  1

Steaked right

so how many of you  have ever voluntarily walked into South Court Mall at Saket? Hardly enough for anyone to label the mall as a ‘hangout’. But here’s us offering you an excellent reason as to why you should  - Porterhaus.

Porterhaus is a gastro pub modeled after an all-American Steakhouse. With some very sleek and comfy interiors, these guys have a different game plan in mind. They are not interested in ‘footfall’ figures’ says CMD Kuldip Tolia! Porterhaus is, and will be all about the food. This, we absolutely love.

The property hasa special place in their hearts for bikers (credit Tolia for this) and the decor speaks up for that. They also have a dedicated car park for bikers, ‘But no! We are not a ‘biker’s cafe,’ says Tolia when we ask. They will be doing breakfasts soon but then the main force behind this joint is very good food, that people need to understand to appreciate.

We dug into some incredible beet root salad with orange jelly, a salmon salad, bacon wrapped chicken and an excellent minute steak. Steaks are a Porterhaus speciality and you need to understand the language of rub, sides and sauces to order here. For freshers, they have suggestions ready. Clearly the city has come miles ahead of waiters simply asking you how you wanted your steak done. You need to know more than rare, medium rare and well-done to dig into a great piece.
Porterhaus is not for people who just want to walk in to grab a bite. Food for them is an experience and we were happy to have grabbed a thick meat slice.

A meal for two comes to about Rs 2500 (without taxes and alcohol), a tad steep but we assure you that it is totally worth every penny.

Not a place to be missed if you like your steaks. Head over!

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