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Stay beautiful this holi

Stay beautiful this holi
The most colourful and fun festival of India, Holi is right around the corner. Aptly described as a carnival of colours, the festival involves getting drenched with colours and playing in the sun.

Once upon a time colours used to be made with natural products like tree barks, flowers and leaves but now these harmless, natural products have gotten replaced with chemicals that can cause immense damage to skin and hair which can take weeks to repair.

But since we Indians love this festival and there is absolutely no way any of us wants to sit inside our houses and miss out on all the fun  just to protect our hair and skin, we have put together a list of tips you can follow to make sure that the damage is minimised.

Before You Step Out to Play Holi
Apply moisturizer generously all over your body
Apply coconut or olive oil through your hair to prevent damage from the harsh colors.
Apply a thick coat of nail paint and extend the nail paint to the adjacent skin to prevent the colours from settling in.
Apply a rather thick coat of sunscreen as the sun is usually harsh with a high UV index this time of the year.

Wear full sleeved tops and pants to cover up as much skin as possible and reduce skin exposure.

While Playing with Colours
Nowadays, organic colours are a welcome trend, so try and stick to them.
Keep drinking plenty of water or clear fluids to keep yourself and your skin hydrated.
Alcohol has a dehydrating effect on the body, so try and moderate your alcohol intake to the minimum.
Wash off the colours at the slightest hint of an itch to minimize the severity and extent of a rash.

After Enjoying the Festival of Joy and Colours
Brush off all the excess colours from your body and hair immediately after you stop playing.
Remove the nail paint before taking a shower.

Immediately take a bath with lukewarm water using a mild shampoo as well as a gentle face and body cleanser.

If the colours do not come away easily, apply generous amount of cleansing milk all over the body,
wait for 3-5 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Make sure to use a good conditioner on the lower half of the hair length immediately after shampooing.

After the bath, apply a generous amount of skin healing cream or a soft moisturizer all over your body to help the skin heal.

Also, use a copious amount of hand cream formula or oil to avoid any roughness on your hands.

Always rinse hair with cold water instead of hot or warm water.

After washing the hair with shampoo, instead of hair conditioner one can apply the extract of green tea for conditioning. A great stimulant for hair follicles, green tea promotes hair growth and adds nourishment to hair.

These valuable tips come to you from Sirisha Singh, the Founding Member and Medical Director of The Skin Center and Thilina, Creative Director of Naturals Salon and Spa.
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