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State’s air getting affected due to industries in Uttar Pradesh

The Institute had installed Aethalometer to study the quality of air in Darjeeling and Sunderbans some time ago.

It was found that in every cubic meter of air, 15 microgram black carbon was present in Sunderbans, said Abjijit Chatterjee, an environment scientist.

It may be mentioned that scientists have found that because of climatic change in Sunderbans, there is a marked change of behaviour of animals.

Already a study is going on about the impact of climate change on crocodile. It has been seen that the crocodiles are changing their habitat. Also, the bird population has been badly hit and there are also changes in their behaviour pattern.

In Darjeeling 3.5 microgram black carbon was found in every cubic metre of air.Chatterjee said that polluting air from Utter Pradesh travelled at the speed of 20 km per hour and entered West Bengal travelling 2000 km in four days. It has also been found that air pollution in the state is going up fast.

He said that majority of the carbon content that has been found in Darjeeling and Sunderbans are from UP and Bihar and not from the industrial units in the state.

AG Ghosal, director, National Allergy Asthma Bronchitis Institute (NAABI) said that respiratory distress among people living in the city had gone up.

In children, the percentage of those afflicted with the disease is quite high and environmental pollution was an important factor. Also, environmental pollution is causing allergy in many.

This is because of higher percentage of carbon in air. He said it is advisable to use masks to combat pollution.
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