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State to tie up with AYUSH to work on tissue culture for augmenting production of plants

Both the Science and Technology department and the AYUSH department will use the existing farms as a platform to explore new horizons so that the productivity of medicinal and other plants can be improved.

Science and Technology minister Ashish Banerjee will hold a meeting with the AYUSH department in this regard. The scientists will be engaged to carry out research works on “tissue culture”. The main purpose of the new project was to increase the productivity in various sectors by adopting what would be the best techniques for them to grow.

It may be mentioned here that the Biotechnology department under Banerjee has been carrying out research so that the vegetables and fruits are free from chemical hazards. It has been seen that the vegetables and fruits that are supplied into various markets in the city are often found to be unhealthy, but it also affects human health as various chemical fertilisers, rich in toxic substances is often administered on the plants to augment the productivity. The department will also carry out research on how to increase the productivity of cattle.

The state government has chalked out elaborate plans to provide assistance to those who rear cattle. The research will be conducted on how to increase the productivity of milk in cows. The biotechnology department has a plan to open a unit at all the districts to provide technical assistance to the farmers on how to increase the productivity of what they produce. 

The department is committed to ensure that the people can get vegetables, fruits and others food grains free from toxic substances at the markets. The Biotechnology department is also tying up with other departments including agriculture, fisheries and food processing to increase the productivity and quality of various products, and also provide germ-free food to the common people. The three proposed Biotechnology hubs will come at Burdwan, Kalimpong and Midnapore which will help in the co-ordination of various departments with Biotechnology in a better way.

The Biotechnology department has already acquired land from the Burdwan Development Authorities but in case of Midnapore, the discussion is on to acquire a 5 acre land in Haldia. The other two hubs will be constructed later on. 

The state government is fully committed to improve the socio-economic condition of the people in the state and identified biotechnology as the most potential tool for achieving this new goal. After coming to power for the first time, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee laid emphasis in the development of biotechnology sector, encouraging entrepreneurship and strengthening organisational collaboration.
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