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State to set up three Biotechnology hubs

The Biotechnology department in the state has already taken up an elaborate schemes to not only tie up with other departments like agriculture, fisheries, food processing to increase the productivity and quality of various products, but to also provide germ-free food to the common people.

The three proposed Biotechnology hubs will come at Burdwan, Kalimpong and Midnapore which will help in the co-ordination of various departments with Biotechnology in a better way. The Biotechnology department has already acquired land from the Burdwan Development Authorities and the construction work will begin soon. The other two hubs will be constructed later on. 

The state government is fully committed to improve the socio-economic condition of the people in the state and identified biotechnology as the most potential tool for achieving this new goal. After coming to power for the first time, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee laid emphasis in the development of biotechnology sector, encouraging entrepreneurship and strengthening organisational collaboration.

 But the biggest priority of the Chief Minister was to benefit the common men through various development schemes in this sector.

In order to develop a viable and vibrant biotechnology based industry and the economy, the Biotechnology department is applying specialised knowledge, skills, management and its current policy was to stress on essential developmental agenda for the inclusive benefits of this state. 

Minister in charge of Biotechnology department, Dr Ashish Banerjee said that they were co-ordinating with other departments for the better implementation of schemes in which his department would provide technical assistance. The department would help the agriculture department to improve the quality of various fertilizers. It is also working on for the increase in the productivity of the fishes.

The purpose of the projects was to promote overall development of both traditional and modern biotechnology in the State including various livelihood development programmes. It will also strengthen biotechnology based aspects to develop the economy of the state from grass-root level. 

The Biotechnology department in collaboration with the agriculture department would be increasing productivity from land by enriching crop specific, developing crops resistant to biotic and abiotic stress, developing bio-fertilizer & bio-pesticides. West Bengal is rich in biodiversity of crop, vegetable, fruits, flower and other plant resources.

“Our only objective is to provide better facilities to common people and to improve the quality of life. We are tying up with other government departments so that the services could be given to maximum number of people,” Dr Banerjee said.
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