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State govt set to re-launch Muktidhara project with new infrastructure

The state government is set to re-launch ‘Muktidhara’ project with the opening of 37 offices in nine districts. New infrastructure will be built in Panchayat level for the rural educated youth, said state Self Help Group (SHG) and Self Employment (SE) minister Sadhan Pande.

The minister was addressing a gathering at Salt Lake’s Central Park during the inauguration of ‘Rajya Sabala Mela’ – a state government initiative to promote the creations of SHG groups. State I-T minister Bratya Basu was also present there.

“Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has opened up opportunities for rural youth under the Muktidhara project which we are going to re-launch. It is her vision which will lead to the prosperity in Bengal villages. So, we have decided to set up thatched homes in the villages. The youth can commercially use those spaces to start their own venture,” said the minister.

“The procedure is also simple. Some youth may form Self Help Group to take an easy loan from the bank. They will get loans at only 2 per cent interest rate. The state government will provide subsidy to the bank to make it possible,” the minister added.

Pande said the rural educated people want to get job or start their own business venture. They are not willing to do ‘100 days work’, such as restoring pond, digging wells or farming at the fields.

“We followed the common trend that educated youth have been coming in urban areas to get jobs or to start their own business. We do not want them to leave their home. Rather, we’ll make infrastructure for their livelihood,” the minister added.

However, the state government has also planned to introduce insurance scheme for the SHG and Muktidhara project. “We’ll groom the youth free of cost to appear for the job interviews,” the minister said.

The eighth edition of the ‘Rajya Sabala Mela’ started from Friday and it will conclude on December 11. “This year, we have 250 stalls here. We are glad to inform you that the state government recently sent some SHGs to India International Trade Fair in Delhi. Most of the products made by them were sold there,” he also said adding that the SHG women are now running their families. “Those women are now the key earners in their family. Their social status has been lifted. The state government will always be with them. They will now get Rs 2.4 lakh loan at just 2 per cent of interest rate to pay it back,” Pande added.
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