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State government to set up centre for excellence in cyber security

To successfully confront the cyber threat, the Mamata Banerjee government has decided to set up a centre of excellence. The cyber security centre for excellence is all set be prepared by the state Information Technology department, for which an approval in principal has been given by the Bengal Cabinet.

Bengal has been an emerging destination for Information Technology scenario across the country, have adequate measures to combat the cyber threats. But research and development (R&D), testing resilience of networks and high-end training for personnel to combat the tough cyber challenge are really needed the administration feels.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in her speech earlier, had given an intimidation to set up such centre of excellence, which has now approved by the Cabinet.

“The experts will be equipped with the best instruments to face off with cyber attack. The cyber attackers, hackers are smart and sophisticated. But the experts will be much more advanced,” said Talleen Kumar, principal secretary, state IT and Electronics Department.

Bengal has already proven a fast track service delivery through e-Governance. The e-District is a mission mode project, taken with the objective of making the state’s services available to the citizens through a computerised system. The services may be availed via Internet or by visiting any Common Service Center (CSC). It may not be necessary to visit the Government Offices for submitting the application, knowing the status or receiving certificate or license.

“Most of the systems are now controlled by information technology here. A cyber attack could be prevented by such high-end centre to cyber security. It is now proven that cyber security poses a grave challenge to both the economic and national security of the nation,” said Kumar.

The centre for excellence will collect, analyse and disseminate information on cyber incidents. It will forecast and issue alerts of cyber security incidents, execute emergency measures, co-ordinate the response and issue guidelines and advisories and vulnerability notes.

“We are now making plans of the centre. The in principal nod has been given to us. The initiative is first of its kind to build national cyber resilience. The experts will test various Information and Communication Technology (ICT) devices and prototypes of products. The aim is to create a safe cyber environment,” Kumar further added.

The Chief Minister however, instructed the department officials to set it up as the apex body of the state with respect to all the cyber security. “The work has been started as per her guidance,” said an IT department officer adding, that the centre will somehow act like a specialist hospital. The people generally rush to the specialist hospital for curing chronic diseases. Most of the cyber threats which are coming in the way are successfully tacked by the cyber crime cells of the police. But there should be monitoring authority in the state, which would look at every single incident and incorporate the information for research and development.

“The research and development is strongly needed for cyber threats, looking at the vulnerability of the Eastern part of the country,” the officer added.
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