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State government gives widow grant to deceased sharecropper’s wife

The wife of the farmer, who committed suicide after being unable to withdraw cash from the cooperative bank, was given the widow grant by the state government. State MSME minister Swapan Debnath reached the house of the farmer who committed suicide. He handed over the papers to his widow at Kalna.

The body of Shibu Mandi, a farmer was found hanging a few days ago in his house. The locals reported to the police that Mandi committed suicide after being unable to repay the wages of labourers who worked at his field.

The labourers were supposed to repay the amount after the completion of the work, but Mandi could not withdraw the money despite several visits to his bank. “He chose to kill himself rather than face insults from the labourers,” said a local resident.

However, the news reached to the state secretariat via the district administration. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee instructed Debnath to hand over the papers to Mandi’s wife. Debnath even took the bio data of Milan Mandi, the son of Shibu Mandi. He could get a state government job, the locals predicted.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has strongly criticised the demonetisation drive announced by Centre. She has been telling time and again that it will hit the interest of common people and middle and lower middle class cannot survive in future. 

Continuing her criticism against the Narendra Modi government over the demonetisation move, the Chief Minister alleged that the farmers have been hit the hardest. She also predicted that country runs on cash while only 4.4 per cent of the population uses plastic money. As a result of demonetisation, Rs 14 lakh crore out of the total Rs 16 lakh crore in the market has got rendered out of circulation.

“The Chief Minister said that the poors and middle class cannot survive on the plastic money. With the suicide of Shibu Mandi, it is now proved that Modi government’s demonetisation drive is going to kill the common people,’ said Debnath.

However, the district Trinamool Congress has also financially helped the family of Shibu Mandi.
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