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State apathy lets terrorism breed

The blasts at the Mahabodhi temple in Bodhgaya, the iconic Buddhist religious site, must be condemned. They may be an act of terrorism. The police has to investigate the blasts which are different from that have taken place in the last few years. It is clear that the authorities were in the know that the temple was under the threat of a terrorist attack. Yet, they did not take any steps to prevent it. This is difficult to understand. The injuries to the people at the bomb blast site would not have taken place had the government taken adequate steps. The central government has set up several bodies in recent years to appreciate the extent of terrorism but these have been largely ineffective. The governments, both at the centre and at the state level, could have prevented these strikes. However, it is obvious that the governments have just not been able to take steps against terrorism and it continues to rear its ugly head in new forms and at new places. There is no reason why these bodies should not be able to do their work. The central government has to account for its inability to stop these strikes.

It may be pertinent to note here that the corruption in the central government could be spilling over into these investigative bodies and the police forces, which has brought law and order at a nadir. These probing bodies should not be misused by the central government. It is difficult to understand how they have not been able to identify the terrorists from the other citizens. They are not working at their peak. The home minister must explain how these attacks have taken. No group has come forward to claim responsibility. The police must identify the actual culprits. After every terrorist attack the home minister promises a probe but it does not seem to take place.  The strike took place in a place of religion which makes this attack different from others. The terrorists do not attack such places as a rule.  It is surprising that a terrorist attack has taken place. This is why this strike has to be probed by the police.  This probe should not be taken up by the bodies set up by the central government.  This part of the country has largely been free of terrorism. It should remain at peace and stay free of terrorism.
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