Standby for action overload

Standby for action overload
Resident Evil: Retribution in a nutshell: awful one-liners, kickass Mila Jovavich, and mutants and zombies that seep out in all forms and shapes. Action takes on an eye-blinking awesomeness in three dimension, more so because the director, Paul Anderson, has shown remarkable restraint. The flying axes and bullets reach out to you in unexpected moments and not in every frame. Thank god for that.

The plot in two words: Absolute bananas. Captured Jovovich is helped by her arch nemesis to escape the Umbrella facility buried deep under in the nether regions of the snow covered Siberia. She is puzzled, but goes with the flow.

Goes through many simulated cities and zombies and mutants to emerge victorious. Only to set the framework for the next one in the series, apparently, ‘the’ last one as well.

By now Jovovich could turn on her ‘can’t comprehend what’s going on but will kickass nevertheless’ look, well exploited in the
Resident Evil
series, without any effort. That taken care of, she concentrates on packing some punch in her kicks. Not bad for us: obviously, we didn’t go to a Resident Evil film for melodrama.  

You have met the baddies, mutants, and zombies — the end result of T-virus gone berserk — before.

They are just packaged a little too sleekly this time round. If you are the kind that gets picky, be warned. Predictability do sets in quite early on. Somehow Hollywood thinks that end of the world scenario gets more poignant if you throw in a little girl or a boy.
Resident Evil,
an out-and-out Hollywood film, is not immune to this formula, of course.

But if you are there to watch Jovovich do her thing as Alice, she doesn’t disappoint. Age seems to have given a break to the kickass star. And there’s a lot of destruction and trigger happy moments to keep the action freak in you sated. Simulated cities crumble apart and weapons create enough chaos.  So go ahead, let loose some steam.
Jemima Raman

Jemima Raman

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