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Stand like the Egyptians

Stand like the Egyptians
Artiste Asish Kumar Das presents his first solo exhibition in Delhi called Confluence - an exhibition of surreal sculptures inspired from amalgamation of Egyptian and Indian Culture.The exhibition is on view from December 5-11 at Lalit Kala Academy's Rabindra Bhawan.

Asish Kumar Das comes from the small town of Chinsurah in West Bengal. He lived  very close to a colony of idol makers, who created with profound energy a majestic array of gods and goddesses for people to worship during Durga puja and various  other pumas. A happy childhood in a joint family and the long hours spent in the home of the Master Craftsman, idol maker Nitai Pal filled his childhood days with magical wonder. He now believes that his love for figurative sculptures must have originated from this source.

On the eclectic front, Asish believes that he has also been inspired by the Egyptian art.

This, again, is evident in his treatment of the patina, use of muted earth colours, sensuous and the
lyrical yet restrained quality of the texture designs which often include the use of gold leaf.

Apart from a touch of surrealism seen in the magnificent sculptures on view in this show, one also finds a very interesting and complex juxtaposing of wood and metal, glass and fibre glass in some of these works such as ‘Dreamy Ecstasy’ which are beautifully integrated in a harmonious configuration.

Another remarkable element present in all his works is the spirit of supreme poetic freedom.

The large figures reflect an arresting confluence of dream and reality as well as the male – female energies. These are marked with a magical depth and an astonishing sensuousness.

December 5 - 11, Where: Lalit Kala Academy
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