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Staging the epics

Staging the epics
Play was based on life of Jayadeva, the author of Gitagovindam. Jayadeva was a poet of nature, rasa, of love and devotion, and this play is about Jayadeva's quest for meaning in life and his creative pursuits and accomplishments. It was a tribute to the great poet and his immortal work.

Another play Humari bhi suno was about a multi-storey building, Aashiana which is conducting its annual general body meeting in one of the member’s house but instead of conducting a smooth meeting they start thrashing out their bittersweet experiences owing to the generation gap among the residents. The elders fear globalisation which they feel may impact ‘Indian
’ negatively in the future. But the young have different views and are determined to voice them. In the end no permanent solution is found but everyone understands that they are both emotionally and otherwise dependent on each other.

Another play by NSD’s Production O'shit was a small travelling performance with a group of actors at inner circle of Connaught Place addressing the question of how shit travels in the city and what it does to the city... Sharing the confusions, the experience of living with the shit and the sewage of city, and the idea of getting rid of it. This project raises the question on city’s hygiene and also puts forward the point that the economy of shit is worth talking about. Play
Hum Mukthara
is set in the backdrop of June 2002, about a Pakistani woman named  Mukhtar Mai, who was raped on the orders of a local clan as punishment for indiscretions allegedly carried out by her brother. Although custom dictated that she commit suicide after being raped, Mukhtar spoke out against the injustice.

While this play is not an exact portrayal of Muktar’s life, it is a tribute to her and is based on her story – the story of the extraordinary woman and her phenomenal courage. Play Shakespeare Manege Banda is a post-modern play which aims to be a grand spectacle and at the same time intends to take the spectator through the world of Shakespeare.
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