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SSKM cardiology dept to get electronic physiology lab

In a major boost to the health infrastructure in the state, the SSKM Hospital will soon get highly advanced equipment for the treatment of patients suffering from heart ailments.

The most advanced technology based equipment, Electronic Physiology Lab will be set up at the Cardiology department of the SSKM Hospital later this month which will immensely benefit the patients suffering from Ischemic heart disease.

Doctors said that many patients who were suffering from ‘Ischemic heart disease’ complain of a very fast heart beat which might result in heart attacks. Due to the fast heart beats, the patients develop other heart related diseases. The patients’ arteries and veins become weaker once their heart beats get faster.

The new equipment will help the patients to keep their heartbeats under control marginalising the chances of heart attack. According to a senior cardiologist in the city nowadays due to the lack of the modern machines, doctors have to depend on the electronic short circuit as well as medicine to check the rate of heartbeats in patients. But this process often proves to be futile. But the Electronic Physiology Lab is the latest technology based equipment to treat these patients.

SSKM hospital is the first state run hospital in the state to get this modern equipment. After the introduction of the machines doctors here will no longer be required to apply electronic short circuit method on the patients to bring their heartbeat rate in control. Electronic short circuit is the not the right method of treatment. But the patients suffering from the fast heartbeat have been treated through electrical short circuit in not only in the government hospitals but also in most of the private hospitals due to the lack of the Electronic Physiology Lab.

According to a senior health department official the Lab which is likely to be inaugurated at the SSKM Hospital the next week is the first such modern technology based lab in the North East India. In only two private hospitals in the state the equipment is available but they were old fashioned. The machine that is being installed at the SSKM hospital is the most modern version.

It was also learnt that the state health department is planning to install LED televisions at the Obstetrics and gynaecology ward of around 95 state run hospitals and medical colleges across the state to aware the pregnant women about they should do post delivery. 

The state government will spend around 2.85 crore for the project so that the pregnant women are made aware of the steps they should take for a safer delivery. It was learnt that the 52 inches LED televisions will be installed at the departments of the various hospitals. Each ward of the hospital will get two LED televisions. One will be set up outside while the other will be installed inside the Gynaecology and Obstetrics ward. The doctors who are overburdened with the patients were not always able to provide the pregnant women with all these advices and suggestions.

Doctors in the city have appreciated the move taken by the government. The television screens will show how to keep the health strong during the pregnancy and how to bring up the new born babies. 

Everything will be displayed through demonstration. Health department officials claimed that the initiative has been taken to spread a campaign without using the man power. It can be said that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee after becoming the Chief Minister in 2011 had taken various projects for the treatment of pregnant women and the new born babies. Banerjee’s brainchild, the Sishu Sathi scheme, immensely helped the poor children in the state run hospitals. Under this scheme poor children are being treated free of cost at the state run hospitals.

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