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SSC applicants confused over NCTE guidelines

Students applying for SSC examination are utterly confused over the publication of a guideline by National Council for Teachers Education (NCTE).

The School Service Commission (SSC) has started taking online application for recruiting teachers in school.

An advertisement in this regard was published on February 16 which stated that an applicant should have at least 50 per cent marks in honours subject and a B.ed degree. 

The pass graduates did not have any chance to apply for the same post.

The confusion started after NCTE guideline was published. 

It stated that to teach students of classes XI and XII, an applicant must have post graduate degree but nothing was mentioned about honours degree being mandatory at the undergraduate level. 

SSC allows students without post graduate degree but having an honours degree to teach students of classes XI and XII is not clearly stated. 

Thus, according to NCTE, to teach students in classes IX and X, a candidate must have honours and B.ed and to teach in classes XI and XII, they must have post graduate degree and B ed.

State Education minister said that SSE would follow NCTE guideline. 

The students wondered whether the SSC guidelines would be changed before the examination.

It was later learnt that SSC would issue a guideline in the matter soon and that would put all the confusion to an end.

NCTE has made 50 per cent in honours subject with B.ed degree mandatory to improve quality of teaching. The state government has accepted the guideline.
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