Spring Hues

Spring Hues
Nature is pervaded with the essence of spring as the fragrance of blossoms in the air, the chirping of the birds and the greenery, at lengths, is depicting the onset of the season. In order to fill the hearts of the people with the spirit of spring, an art exhibition titled- ‘Eternal Spring’ will be held from March 3-12 at Gallery at Mg in the national Capital. The exhibition will feature an interesting amalgam of two of the most creative contemporary artists, Alka Raghuvanshi and Manisha Gawade of the buoyant Indian art scene, capturing the essence of spring.

The exhibits featured in the show are remarkable for their exploration of capturing the eternal spring that is the fountainhead of all creative impulses and turning them into manifestations of articulate realities. 

Prominent personalities who’d be present include dancers Shovana Narayan, Prathibha Prahlad, Sharon Lowen; Hindustani musicians- Madhup Mudgal, Shubhendra Rao, Radhika Chopra, Bhajan Sopor; Dr Sudhakar Sharma, chief of Lalit Kala Akademi; Prof Rajiv Lochan, NGMA Director, Surinder Mehta, PCI, CMD; bureaucrat Bhaskar Chatterjee, senior artists Prof Niren Sengupta, Sridhar Iyer, Kanchan Chander, Sudip Roy among others.

The form and content chosen by the artists is novel as they discover newer paths to present the expressions of their aspirations. 

Their colour palette has undergone change to include a plethora of colours as vibrant as spring and as positive as the season that marks a turning point in the journey of the earth and the human heart. 

“My visual journey is essentially instinctive and my pre-occupation with light – both within and without – is a constant but it has intensified with greater refinement and finesse. I use metallic colours to denote light at the physical and spiritual plane but it is interesting that my heart and head are reaching out to use colours I have never used before like cobalt and lemon or even a shade of pink. I point this out for colours have a meaning and are always used in a certain context. In this case these colours denote spring which I feel is a state of being and hence eternal,” said Alka Raghuvanshi. 

“Since childhood, spring has been a very precious season for me. I have always been mesmerised by the colours of the flowers around me. Both my daughter and I were born in spring and that makes it even more special. My works here represent the joy of the spring that can exist deep within us. Sometimes we choose to find it and often we don’t. Some of the colours I have chosen for Eternal Spring are being used to represent flowers and beautiful fragrances. It can be cherry blossoms in autumn or autumn in spring and it’s just a state of one’s mind,” said Manisha Gawade.

Rajan Arora, Director Karma, under whose aegis the show is being held said, “This show holds a very special place in my heart as it symbolises the eternal emotion of spring that is heightened in this season with myriad colours that spring forth from the earth’s heart.”

When: March 3-12
Where: Gallery at Mg (MG Mall), Mg Road
Time: 11am – 7pm


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