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Ex-Barcelona president ordered to remain in custody

Spanish prosecutors have ordered the former President of Barcelona football club to remain in custody for money laundering as there is a risk he could abscond. The national court heard the appeal brought by Sandro Rosell's lawyer Pau Molins against the arrest of his client. Rosell is accused of laundering 7 million euros from the sale of image rights for 24 friendlies of the Brazilian national team.

The prosecutor Vicente Gonzalez Mota rejected the appeal to release Rosell arguing that there was a risk that the defendant could flee. Mota explained that Rosell had no specific roots in Spain as most of his activities were carried out abroad and he travelled regularly. The prosecutor pointed out that Rosell committed a crime after signing a contract without informing the Brazilian soccer confederation. Molins argued that such amounts of money were legal and Rosell received the payments for marketing.
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