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Yelena Isinbayeva may retain place at Russia's anti-doping body's board

 Agencies |  2017-05-19 18:08:23.0  |  Moscow

Yelena Isinbayeva may retain place at Russias anti-doping bodys board

Pole vault icon Yelena Isinbayeva may remain a member of the supervisory board of Russias anti-doping agency Rusada when she steps down as its chair, a senior Russian sports official has said.

Nearly two years ago, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) ruled Rusada non-compliant. During a meeting of its foundation board in Montreal on Thursday, the international body put forward key requirements that have to be fulfilled for Russia's membership to be reinstated, including a demand to replace the chair and vice chair of the Rusada supervisory board with independent candidates, reports Tass news agency.

Sergei Khrychikov, the head of the Council of Europe's Sport Conventions Division and a member of the Rusada supervisory board, told Tass: "The (WADA) requirement was not about making Isinbayeva quit, but to appoint a chair and vice chair, who would be independent from all interested parties."

"As you remember, Isinbayeva was nominated by the Olympic Committee of Russia (OCR)," he explained, adding that due to this fact WADA does not view her as an independent candidate.

"Once a new charter is adopted, she will not be allowed to be a chair or a vice chair, but she may remain a member of the supervisory council if the OCR backs her. If not, they are free to put forward another candidacy."

"However, no matter whose candidacy is put forward by the OCR, this person cannot be elected chair or vice chair. The same applies to nominees from the RPC (the Russian Paralympic Committee) or the Russian sports ministry," Khrychikov added.

According to the official, the elections of a new head of the supervisory board of Rusada are to take place in the next seven or ten days.



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