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Premier Roundup: Game week 26

They say that the Premier League is one of the most unpredictable leagues in the world. Anything can happen in any given game-week. The giants who never lose could be thrashed by a bottom 3 club and the player you never thought could get a red card will most definitely get one.
The nature of the league is such that it makes us viewers jump with joy, excitement and sometimes sorrow, but jump we do. The 26th game-week of this year's PL was no exception to this jumping element. It had all ingredients that would make up to be one of the most exciting game-weeks of the year.
To start off with the club that still rules the roost – Manchester City drew with Burnley, a team that has been consistent with their great performance. They did not let the lethal combination of Kun Aguero and Raheem Sterling get the better of them and held the probable English champions to just one point. City losing points works very well in the favour of their opponents such as Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea who are still fighting for better spots in the top 4.
In North London, Arsenal set off some fireworks as they hosted Everton at Emirates and thrashed them 5-1 with Aaron Ramsay getting 3 goals to himself alone and their new signing Pierre –Emerick Aubameyang getting one to his books on PL debut. This only makes us wonder if Arsene Wenger has finally made the right singing though it is hard to tell so soon. Lastly, the Gunner veteran Laurent Koscielny scored one as well to make matters worse for the visiting team. Everton for the most part looked hopeless as their attack was lackluster and withdrawn. Even with their best players on field, they failed to create any chances.
Now for one of the most interesting games of the week – Liverpool vs Tottenham Hotspurs. Many were expecting a boring draw but what they got in return was anything but a boring draw. Liverpool would've won the game had they not let the winning opportunity go by so quickly every time they set their pace.
Mohamed Salah's goal in the first three minutes set the tone of the match where everyone assumed that Liverpool would take the cake but then Wanyama's brilliant thunder of a goal put both the teams on level. Both the teams incurred penalties after the 90th minute and put an end to this dramatic match as it ended 2-2.
As for Chelsea, things look bleak and down as they have lost 4-1 to Watford of all teams and though Watford away is always a tough fixture, you would expect Chelsea to perform better against them. CFC manager Antonio Conte went into a deep rant on how he may not actually be happy at the club and currently, the club's affairs seem to dwindling in the wind.
Lastly, in Manchester, Man Utd won against Huddersfield 2-0 after a frustrating first half with goals coming from the Belgian player Romelu Lukaku and their brand new wonder singing from Arsenal Alexis Sanchez who scored in his debut match at Old Trafford.
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