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Not bothered by what people say about IPL: Shukla

Bengaluru: IPL Chairman Rajiv Shukla today said he is not bothered if critics speak ill about the League, when viewership and revenue from the event is increasing steadily.
Former India captain Bishen Singh Bedi recently alleged that IPL is a platform for money laundering and questioned the source of big bucks being spent during the IPL auction.
"Let them (including Bedi) say whatever they want. Every year, eyeballs for IPL is increasing. Viewership is going up and revenues are increasing," he told reporters on the sidelines of the second day of the IPL actions.
Shukla said Bedi should remember many former Indian players have benefitted from it.
"If you remember, all our former players benefited from the IPL. They have been given one-time benefit. They all have taken that. Bedi should remember this."
Rajasthan Royals Chairman and CEO Ranjit Barthakur said one should be carfeul about making statements in public.
"India is very liberal with freedom of speech. I just think, we must also be responsible when we speak and not gain eyeballs," Barthakur said.
"We will continue to respect him but we do not want to see him make such statements," he said.
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