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'No place for finance comm in new constitution'

 Agencies |  2017-09-16 16:59:57.0

No place for finance comm in new constitution

New Delhi: The Committee of Administrators (COA) said on Saturday that the finance committee, which is currently headed by Jyotiraditya Scindia, will cease to exist once the new constitution of the BCCI is adopted.

The COA, in a strongly-worded letter to the committee's convener — BCCI treasurer Aniruddh Chaudhry —gave a detailed explanation of the scope and role of the sub-committee.
The COA issued an 11-point rebuttal to the committee's query on its role. This comes after finance committee's decision to put on hold -- all the players' monetary benefit related policies (including hike in women's Central Contracts).
Finance committee chairman Jyotiraditya Scindia had left last Thursday's meeting early after posing a question about the "scope and role" of the committee and asked the CEO Rahul Johri to get clarification from
the COA. The letter has 11 specific points.
The most important is point No.10 which states: "Please note that the Finance Committee (as also various other committees) do not find mention in the list of committees included in the draft BCCI constitution that is in line with the recommendations of Hon'ble Justice Lodha Committee (as accepted by the Supreme Court). Agencies
"Accordingly, the above position will continue only until the new BCCI constitution, as per reforms mandated by the Hon'ble Supreme Court, is adopted."
The letter, also in one way, vindicated Scindia's doubts that the finance committee is merely a rubber stamp without much powers. Agencies



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