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Miles in life of the greatest British distance runner

Hailing from the land of the Cushitic speaking agro pastoralists and the Muzaffar Dynasty – Mogadishu, Mo Farah was lucky enough to escape the city then as the Land of the Berbers went up in flames. Thanks to the intense civil war brewing in the city, as Barre's regime was becoming unpopular by the day and undoubtedly, Somalia turned out to be in a fragile state more than ever.

Seeing all of this unfold, Mo was brought to Great Britain by his father and contrary to popular belief, Mo was not a refugee and was allowed entry to the UK quite easily. It is not to say that growing up in a foreign land, all alone with no knowledge of the language was going to be easy, and rest assured it was not. For Mo, running never wore him out, people just assumed he was a kid who liked to play around but his school coach Alan Watkinson was the only one who really understood the scope of Farah's gift. No one knew he would be as great as he is today, back then he was this gawky teenager who came into school bumbling and lumbering, trying to make his life a little easier. It was then that Alan Watkinson took him under his wing and trained him to what he is today. Many of Mo's friends and his agent credit Watkinson to be the reason he hasn't fallen off the wagon, so to say.
By 1997, Mo Farah won his first English Cross-Country school title and never looked back. A boy of eight from the war torn city of Mogadishu, Somalia, dreamed big as he won titles after titles and eventually, found himself at the centre of the world while on the run.
Though he has a puckish and playful demeanor, Mo, in reality, is extremely disciplined when it comes to his training. He has an undeniable grit about his personality that allows him to never give up on the goals he has set for himself. It is because of this that through all the controversy related to him and his coach regarding doping – he came up for air as a winner. Apart from winning numerous World and European Championships, Mo has recently won the Great North Race for the fourth time, consecutively making him one of the greatest distance runners in the world.
From a war-torn country to being the most renowned athlete of his time, Mo Farah has come a long way, in style. When your body almost gives up and the joyous run turns joyless because you can hardly breathe – Farah blitzes away with a grin on his face turning the joyless match into a happy one by winning it hands down.

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