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I have become less selfish now, admits Messi

Barcelona: Admitting that he has now become less selfish with age, star FC Barcelona forward said he has evolved into more of a team player.
"Before, I used to try to steal the ball and make something happen on my own -- or at least try to do something on my own," Messi told America TV.
"Now, I try to make the team play more. I pass the ball more and I try not to be so selfish, if you will. I try to move the team from one position to another. I still run as much as ever, just in a different way," the 30-year old, regarded as one of the world's best footballers, added.
Messi, 30, racked up 100 Champions League goals with a brace against Chelsea on Wednesday and is Spanish La Liga's top scorer with 24 goals.
Messi also has 12 assists to his name. The Argentine now plays in a more deeper position, often dropping into his own half to get on the ball in central positions and dictate play.
Messi was at his sublime best against Chelsea, ripping the English Premier League reigning champions to shreds.

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