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COA to States: Respond on Deloitte Report in 10 days

 Agencies |  2017-03-20 16:33:10.0  |  New Delhi

COA to States: Respond on Deloitte Report in 10 days

The Committee of Administrators (COA) has decided to dispatch the audit reports, prepared by Deloitte, to respective state associations asking them to respond within the next 10 days.

The Deloitte was employed to prepare an exhaustive audit report of various state units. Hyderabad, Assam, Goa, Baroda and J&K are some of the state units that have had adverse audit reports, indicating a lot of irregularities. Till date Deloitte had submitted all the audit reports to the BCCI directly and none of the state units had any direct access to those reports.

Accordingly, some of the state units requested the COA for access to Deloitte reports to understand the discrepancies that has been highlighted.

"Most of the state associations had asked for their respective audit reports to understand irregularities highlighted, keeping in mind the operational transparency," a top BCCI source said.

Agreeing to their request, the COA told them to study the report carefully and respond within 10 days of their observation as well as the corrective measures that can be taken by the state units.

"COA on Monday send out all state associations their individual audit reports for their perusal and has asked them to respond in the next 10 days," the source confirmed. After Deloitte report was published, it was learnt that Baroda CA had gifted gold coins to the association members.



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