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A fairytale journey?

Stellar performances from the Reds combined with City’s errors have propelled Liverpool to an eight-point cushion

A fairytale journey?

There has been no stopping the Liverpool juggernaut this season. Thanks to a stoppage-time goal from James Milner that helped accumulate all 24 points from their eight outings. A draw would have definitely slowed down the ascendency at the top. But after Manchester City suffered a shocking 0-2 defeat against Wolves, it now looks ominous for the Cityzens despite scoring goals at a staggering rate.

Jürgen Klopp's side looks red-hot despite facing a scare from Leicester City last weekend. This EPL season, they are off to an eight-match winning streak – extending the streak to 17 since the last season.

The Reds last won the league in 1989/90, meaning that if they can win the title this season it will be 30 years since they last managed it.

Liverpool's chance of winning the league is not just enhanced by their marvelous play, but also helped by City's poor performance. Liverpool has been almost perfect, but City has made a few mistakes that handed Klopp's men a whooping eight point lead. They played a 2-2 draw against Spurs, lost 3-2 against the newcomers Norwich City and to make things worse, lost 2-0 against Wolves at the Etihad Stadium last weekend.

Though it is too early to call Liverpool the favourites, things will only get heated up in the upcoming fixtures if Liverpool drops a few points here and there with Manchester City finding back their winning-streak mojo. Having said that, one cannot ignore the fact that Liverpool simply has been phenomenal. Another factor that plays in favour of the Reds is that they are the same squad that lost the title last season with a solitary point. Klopp strengthened and developed the squad rather than fixing something that was not broken. With the Champions League title under their belt, the hunger to win games has been impeccable.

Last Tuesday, Klopp completed four years at the Enfield and what impact has he had on the fortunes of a team that none would have called favourites five years back! However, Klopp did get one thing wrong. In his first press conference for Liverpool, he said, "I am a normal guy from the Black Forest and I do not compare myself with the geniuses. I don't describe myself. Does anyone in this room think I can do wonders? Let me work. I am the normal one." Even though Klopp would reject any self-centric notions, it has never been better to be a Liverpool fan. Four years since Klopp's appointment, the Reds are now jam-packed with full of world-class talents who have powered the charge towards the pinnacle of the sport.

Under Jürgen Klopp, the Reds have won 320 points in the Premier League from the 152 matches at an average of 2.11 per game. With 458 goals scored in all competitions at an average of 2.07 goals per game, this is also the highest ratio by any Reds manager in the last 123 years.

The changes didn't happen overnight. Glimpses of what was about to come was shown back in 2016 – a 4-3 victory against Dortmund in the 2016 Europa League despite being 2-0 down in the first 10 minutes. The Reds won the Champions League for the sixth time, but what was more sweeter was the fact that they got the better of Manchester City, PSG, Roma and most importantly, Barcelona.

The Reds were left heart-broken last year – so close, yet so far! This season, things are shaping up in their favour and a high-voltage title race between Klopp and Guardiola's sides await.

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