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Spooling a new flight

Spooling a new flight
Every year, Bhai Mian takes to the skies with a message of hope, love and brotherhood. The octogenarian from Old Delhi is known for the kites he makes, in different shapes, sizes and colours.

And not only does he make them, but he also tries to encourage youngsters to take to this years-old tradition, the popularity of which is now ebbing.

This Independence Day was also no different for the man. Born in the pre-Independence era, Bhai Miyan  has seen the nation, born and grew up with it. Now, even though he is barely able to walk [he himself has lost count but son Jamal says he is around 87], Bhai Miyan hasn’t given up on his passion of flying and making kites.

‘I do not sell my kites, I make them and fly them because it is a shauk [passion] for me. I have been passionate about it ever since my childhood days,’ recalls Miyan.

Traditionally, the family are jewellers, but kites are a passion that runs in the family as son Jamal too shares the passion of flying  and making kites.

For Bhai Miyan, ‘the kites are as a paigham [message] to remind everyone of the unity that has kept the nation together. ‘This is the main idea behind celebrating Independence Day by flying kites,’ he explains.

This one day, when the whole nation comes together gripped with a common feeling of patriotism and brotherhood, makes the ritual even more special for Bhai Miyan.

‘Earlier I flew kites on several occassions. But it has a special significance for me to fly kites during the Independence Day, as it celebrates the common thread of brotherhood between Hindus and Muslims that runs through the nation,’ says the old Delhi resident.
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