Spinning out states of trance

Spinning out states of trance
ASOT or it is better known - A State of Trance is hosting its 600 pre-party at Cocaine Bar in the capital. The brainchild of Armin van Buuren’s radio show ASOT has been going strong for more than eleven years . Before they take over Mumbai, DJ Arnej spins out some tracks to give Delhi a teaser.  DJ Arnej (World No. 87) is a Bosnian trance musician, grew up in Toronto. Millennium Post caught up with the master-mixer for a candid one-on-one.

When did you start with this career? And how did it all start off?

I grew up without any real interest in music, it's something that developed over time. I've always been a creative person, but it wasn't till one day in 2002 where my curiosity led me to wanting to learn how to produce music. It was essentially just a hobby until I realized that there may be a career in this after all. It's been an interesting journey ever since!

How has the journey been? Tell us about the best and the worst times so far...

It has been amazing so far. I've got to experience what most people probably never would. I am thankful to be able to meet exciting new people, see amazing new places and cultures. I'm blessed and thankful to be in this situation and its something I try to share every time I perform on stage.

How did ASOT worked out?

This is my fifth ASOT so far and each one gets better and better, it is really amazing to see something like this grow and develop into a global phenomenon.

How do you like the music scene in India?

India has a very healthy dance music scene, thanks to people like Submerge and Sunburn, whom are fans first and foremost themselves. Whenever there's a driving in music that has passion for what they do, only good things result. The fact I've been to India 3 times in 5 months speaks for that.

Any interest in Bollywood music?

I am not too familiar with it, but did get to hear some last night when I visited Royalty club. I liked it! It has a cool fancy beat which I can easily relate to.

What songs top your own playlist right now?

Here’s my top five for now- Fisherman @ Hawkins - Apache;  W&W - Liftoff ; Kho Mha - Dejavu ; TY Di feat Sarah Howells -When I Go (Arnej Mix) and Arnej - Midnight Raid.

How has the party music scene changed from the time you started?

It has grown  and is now on a much bigger stage. DJ's are now essentially the modern day rock stars and the scale and production of events really rival concerts now. It's great to see something grow.

Why pick trance over any other genre?

It's the one genre that resonates to me. I can take a thought or a feeling or an emotion and put it into musical form, share that with others and they will also get it. To me, it's a form of music that doesn't need words to express emotion. I dare even call it modern classical music.
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