Spicing up the Delhi winters

Spicing up the Delhi winters
Winters are in and out comes the cups of tea in watery sunlight, soups, barbeques and some awesome yuletide desserts. And who could possibly say no to some delectable cuisine with just the right amount of spice to heat things up?

Though spicy dishes are not exclusive to winters, the Indian palate cannot do without its regular dose of ginger, garlic and chillies. The types that make you sniff in pleasure and wipe away some tears and yet ask for a second helping.

With just that thought in mind, Chinese Master Chef Eagle Wu has whipped up a storm in Ano Tai at the Jaypee Vasant Continental. A master of Sichuan and Hunan cuisines, Wu marks his signature with dumplings and hot pot specialities.

Though, according to traditional beliefs, Chinese cuisine is not spicy, Wu corrects us by saying that cuisine in certain parts of China are indeed very high on the ‘hot’ scale. Indian tastebuds are accustomed to a very different set of tastes and textures and therefore when Wu cooks he adds in a bit of India.

Having spicy things in winter opens up the olfactory senses to both the chill and the heat of the food on the dish, says Wu, and that is exactly what Ano Tai is dishing out.

The hot pot is a favourite with most guests, and according to Wu, guests have enjoyed a good meal for hours at the restaurant. The main idea behind the hot-pot is ‘a bit of everything’. Cooked in a non-spicy broth, the hot pot can be made either just with vegetables or mixed with meat. Pork, chicken, lamb, tenderloin, fish, prawn...you name it and it could be in there. The choice is entirely yours. Guests are provided with an array of options in vegetables and meats to put in to the broth that keeps cooking over a slow flame. And the best part is the guest also gets to choose how spicy they want the dish. Pick your meats and pick your spices. Sounds like quite the treat.

Another favourite of Wu’s seems to be the Chongqing style bamboo basket dry chilli prawns with cashewnuts and there’s also a perfectly cooked fish in red chilly sauce. Gets our vote. So head over this winter and spice things up.


MEAL FOR TWO:  Rs 2,000 plus taxes (without alcohol)
FOR RESERVATION, CALL: 2614 8800/ 4600 8800
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Jhinuk Sen

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