Specially-abled Madhyamik examinee complains of mental torture by examiner

A specially-abled Madhyamik examinee was allegedly “tortured” by an examiner on the first three days of the examination. The incident took place at Town School in Howrah. 

The 17-year-old examinee Sumanta Banerjee is a student of Madhya Howrah Sikhshalaya. This year he is appearing for the examination from Town School and two writers have been allotted to help him write his answers. In the examination centre, he has been asked to sit for examination all alone in a room. There used to be the writer who writes answer for him. 

In his complaint to the district authorities, he alleged that the examiner, who was on duty, had tortured him mentally. The examiner allegedly restricted him from drinking water saying that he would need to go toilet repeatedly if he drinks water. He has also allegedly mocked him for being specially-abled and restricted the writer to write answers claiming that the latter was helping Banerjee.

He had passed through similar situation during the all three examinations on the first three days. On Friday, he was not at all ready to appear for the examination. Finally his parents made him understand and at the same time the matter has been reported to the district administration. 

The district administration passed the information to the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE). The board directed its officials to take necessary steps to help the examinee appear for the examination. 

Banerjee finally appeared for Friday’s examination. Both he and his writer claimed that the History examination was good after the examiner was changed.
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