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Special Cell personnel to get new combat gear

Delhi Police special cell personnel will soon be seen sporting an all new combat gear that includes modern weapons and black or dark grey uniform during operations.

The plan to introduce a new combat gear for officers of the elite special cell has been in the pipeline for some time now and is likely to be finalised within a couple of months, said Arvind Deep, special commissioner of police, who heads the unit. 

The combat gear will be given to a team of 50 to 60 officers to be worn during special operations. He said the uniform would be comfortable and help easy movement of the combatants. 

“The uniform will wear will be made of cotton and be durable. It will be a loose black or dark grey T-shirt and loose trousers and black shoes. This will be the basic. We are still working on the finer details,” said the officer. Apart from a uniform, the officers will also be equipped with modern weapons and training. 

“We have a team of SWAT commandos, but these 50-60 officers will be given special training to attain high level physical fitness. After getting the training, they will be fit to be used in combat operation and high-risk missions,” he said. 

Deep said that the officers would wear the new uniform in the ‘out of cordon’ area during an operation. 

“The combat gear will be worn by the officers in the outer area and not in the area that is in close proximity to the place of operation. Their job will be to ensure the security of outer periphery of the area of the operation and to catch anybody who tries to escape,” he said.

“The move will also ensure the security of the Special Cell officers. Without a specific uniform, there is always a threat that the Army and other agencies might mistake them for terrorists and shoot them. With black coloured uniforms that will have Special Cell embossed on the back, the officers won’t fall victim because of mistaken identity,” he said.
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