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Spat between Virk, Bharti turns ugly over ‘rape’ case

Spat between Virk, Bharti turns ugly over ‘rape’ case
The blame game between the top cops of Gurgaon has taken an ugly turn with the kind of allegations both have levelled against each other.

The Bhardwaj rape case filed in August <g data-gr-id="93">2014,</g> resulted in some serious ego clashes between Navdeep Singh Virk the Commissioner of Police, Gurgaon and Bharti Arora, the Joint Commissioner of Police. 

Arora has accused Virk of taking the victim’s side and having an illegitimate relationship with her.
According to the information received, Arora is the third IPS officer who was given this case. 

The last two officers working on the case were transferred. Bharti Arora, who was given the case in August 2014, was also transferred to Faridabad in July 2015 but was brought back.

Speculations also suggest that this particular case cannot be the only reason behind the escalating clash between Virk and <g data-gr-id="92">Arora .</g>

After the latter was transferred, she continued living in her government-allotted house. The rent of that house had gone up to nearly Rs 5 lakh which the Commissioner wanted her to pay back. This, according to sources, led to the ego clash between the duo.

“Arora was helping the accused to get away because of personal reasons. Chetna, the sister of the accused, is known to Bharti and used to visit her often,” said Virk, accusing her of foul play in the case.

According to Arora, she was threatened to leave the case or else she would have to compromise with her career.  She alleged that she was called in a closed room and was asked to shut the case immediately.

“When I started investigating the rape case, I realised that the Commissioner of Police has falsely implicated the entire family in the case. I objected and told him that this was wrong. Then, he started torturing me mentally, threatened me and said, leave the case, otherwise you will suffer,” she told Millennium Post.

The controversy started in July last year when Bharti was asked to probe the case. At that time, Virk was not posted as the chief of Gurgaon Police.

The Joint CP also claimed that the offences mentioned in the FIR could not be made out even after the investigation, but Virk wanted to prosecute the accused.

Another fact that has come to light is that Nikita, who was a witness in the case, also withdrew her statement that she had provided in the victim’s support.

“This is with reference to the Bhardwaj case wherein I just want to declare that the statement given by me was under emotional pressure. I have never seen the victim with her in-laws,” said Nikita.

She further added that the victim was making false allegations that Arora had threatened her (Nikita) to withdraw her statement. 

The money trail
It’s not only this case that has grabbed the eyeballs. The complainant of the Bhardwaj rape case has been in <g data-gr-id="176">limelight</g> for three more cases. Here are they:   

The first complaint that she registered was against her first husband and her brother-in-law. The FIR was registered under Section 498(A), dowry case. They had a mutual divorce in which she was compensated with Rs 40 lakh. In the second case, which is the Ajay Bhardwaj case, the victim had demanded an alimony which she didn’t get. Bhardwaj had promised to give her a flat for which they had also signed <g data-gr-id="114">an MoU.</g> Sources also revealed that the money she had got from her first husband was also taken away by Bhardwaj for his personal investment purpose. Thirdly, after the Bhardwaj case, the victim had filed another FIR recently against an American NRI under Section 376 of the Indian Penal Code. After all these cases were registered, the rape victim was provided security by the Supreme Court. After orders from the Supreme Court about the <g data-gr-id="117">investigation</g> in this case, phone records of Ajay Bhardwaj showed that there had been talks between him and the American NRI.
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