Millennium Post

‘Spare Me is for all who love me’

What are your upcoming projects?
Right now the focus is totally on my debut album Spare Me. It was Rajat Barjatya who incorporated  the thought in my head that I should sing. Within seconds of meeting me before which he had heard my voice over the phone and later in person, he said you should be a singer because you will be a fabulous one. After I came out of Big Boss, life took so many turns that it took three years for this song to finally reach fruition. And now I am really glad that its finally coming altogether. This is a song of redemption. I have gone through a lot on Big Boss season 5 and even  after when I came out of the house, there was a lot of defamation and trauma I had to dela with. So this song is basically a cry for justice and for all those thousands of fans who spend their money and love by voting for me when I was nominated six times in a row.  

How do you find Delhi as a city?
I love Delhi. I think that the city has got a heart. I love coming back here every now and then. Besides the food which am love which has the north Indian flavour, specially the golgappas and chaat are just awesome and delicious.

Post Big Boss how has your life been?
For the first three months when I got out of the house, I could not walk on the street, without being photographed and autographed and I was mobbed everywhere I went. But then unfortunately my father fell sick and I had to take a sabbatical for a year. And when I came back in 2013, I was just touring and I have a bollywood movie coming out soon apart from my song. So after BB I discovered a lot of my other talents like tarot card reading happened to me by chance. Plus am also a fashion designer. I have my own clothing line. My first one was called Caliente for women which were gowns and cocktail dresses. Then my second clothing was dedicated to Yash Raj films which were all georgettes and satin sarees. Now I have my men collection for which I have partnered with Dig Jam.

Tell me the latest in your love life?
Am totally single and very much ready to mingle. And I want my well wishers to find me a good prospect.

What is your upcoming 
Bollywood movie about?
The movie is titled Hum Baaja Baja Denge. It is directed by Chandra Barot and produced by famous bhajan and gazal singer, Anup Jalota.

Who is you biggest role model or inspiration?
It is undoubtedly Amitabh Bachchan. If I can be even point one percent of what he symbolises, I would consider all my hard work to be worthwhile.
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