Sovandeb whitewashes wall graffiti personally

Sovandeb whitewashes wall graffiti personally
In a rare gesture of responsible citizenship, Sovandeb Chattaopadhyay Trinamool Congress candidate from Rashbehari Assembly constituency on Monday took up a unique initiative to whitewash all wall graffiti that was made for his election campaign.

It may be recalled that Chattopadhyay is the person who introduced cartoon characters in wall graffiti for election campaign. Moving around different parts of the constituency one can find wall graffiti with figures of popular cartoon characters including Nonte Fonte, Handa Bhoda and Tom and Jerry.

Artists who painted the wall graffiti ahead of the election had given more space for the cartoon characters as per the instruction of Chattopadhyay and lesser to write his name. The approach was different because usual wall graffiti only with the name of the candidate leads to vision pollution and common people also doesn’t take it in a good way. While giving space to cartoon characters makes wall graffiti more attractive.

As per the direction of the Election Commission, all political parties need to remove all banners, posters and festoons soon after the elections are over. All wall graffiti all need to be white washed. But the step taken by Chattopadhyay within a couple of days after the election in South Kolkata has been appreciated by people from all spheres of life.

But in Rashbehari Assembly constituency, it is not merely an exercise to whitewash the wall graffiti, but the unique endeavour by the Trinamool Congress candidate has helped in beautifying the area.

On Monday morning around 10.30 am along with many other workers and leaders of the party, Chattopadhyay was found just whitewashing the part of the wall graffiti where his name was written. The cartoon characters were left untouched.

Explaining the reason, Chattopadhyay said that his plan is to paint some more figures keeping parity with the existing cartoon characters.

Wall graffiti was made in support of the Trinamool Congress candidate at different places including New Alipore, Tollygunge Circullar Road, some parts of Mudiali, Jodhpur Park and Rabindra Sarbobar. Thus huge figures of cartoon characters in so many places replacing political comments will be attractive for people of all ages mainly the children.

It may be mentioned that Chattopadhyay had introduced cartoon characters in wall graffiti for election campaign in 1998. It was highly acclaimed even by his opponents. Thus it was being continued. Just new cartoon characters were introduced every time.

“We are really moved by the initiative taken by our sitting MLA and Trinamool Congress candidate this time as well. Each and every politician should have this type of unique approach. Just a bit of effort and very small expenditure can add glamour to the beauty of the city. At the same time the election campaign of the political parties will also reach to new level,” said Anamika Dutta, a resident of the area.

“I would like to urge other political parties to remove their hoardings, banners and to whitewash the wall graffiti that they made in favour of their party and candidates. Such attempts will also encourage common people to keep the city clean,” she said.

When Chattopadhyay was busy whitewashing the wall graffitis, the workers of the party were found removing the banners and festoons those were put up to woo voters in their support.

Chattopadhyay said: “Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had taken many initiatives to beautify the city. Thus we all must take initiative to keep the city neat and clean. Moreover, this effort will help to make the city a bit more beautiful and people will enjoy watching the paintings of famous cartoon characters while passing through the area.”
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