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South Dinajpur set to be next stop for eco tourism hub

Dangi Kalaibari beside river Atreye at South Dinajpur is set to be the next destination of eco tourism hub for Bengal.

The state government had earlier decided to make eco tourism hub in Howrah and South 24 Parganas – which would be made in the line of New Town’s famous Eco — mentored by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

The state Tourism department believes the concept needs to spread as there are many places in the districts, which deserve to be developed as tourist spots.

District magistrate Sanjoy Basu, along with other officers of district administration had gone to the spot 
to inspect.

They will make a detailed report, which will be submitted to the state government.

However, the state government has also decided to prepare an eco-tourism hub at Singur.

“There are 11 acres of lands are lying idle. We’ll make artificial water body there, where the fishing opportunities will be made,” said an officer of district administration.

“There will be tiled pavements, solar light and a state for theatre,” the officer added.

New Town Eco Park is an urban park in Rajarhat, Kolkata. The park is situated on a 480 acres plot and is surrounded by a 104 acres water body with an island in the middle.Chief minister Mamata Banerjee inaugurated the park on December 29 of 2012.

There are many additional benefits as compared to traditional models. The New Town’s Eco Park, which has been developed in urban open spaces, is a fresh breather for the tourists.

There are added benefits as well. Those are the chance to create a “living classroom” about nature’s service.

Here, as the wet lands are filtering water and the plants are filtering air, people can come to relax or rejuvenate, socialize or seek solitude, and learn first-hand how region’s flora and fauna are benefitting their city.

The district Eco Parks will also be maintained in same fashion.
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